Two new publications feature important oral health innovations

April 15, 2021

The world of dentistry is always innovating.  Apple Tree Dental's leadership takes pride in forging ahead on new ways to make dentistry more accessible, more compassionate, and more effective for patients and staff alike.  

Two new publications that came out in March and April 2021 showcase ways in which oral health has changed, in some cases just in the last twelve months during the COVID-19 pandemic.  From the Gerontological Society of America, "Pandemic-Driven Disruptions in Oral Health: 10 Transformative Trends for Care in Older Adults" discusses changes that have occurred just in the older adult health sector.  And, from the Primary Care Collaborative, "Innovations in Oral Health and Primary Care Integration" showcases how oral health and primary care could integrate further, which could give more people access to dental care and health equity.

Learn more about these two publications and access the articles from our Research page (located under our "Mission" tab).

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