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The Challenge

Dental clinics across Minnesota are struggling to find enough staff to meet the demand for their services.

This shortage is particularly critical among Critical Access Dental (CAD) providers like Apple Tree Dental and Northern Dental Access Center, who serve low-income, high-need populations.  Recent surveys indicate that the shortage is likely to become more acute: 40% of dentists and a third of hygienists and assistants express a desire to leave the field in the next 5 to 10 years. 1,2 This anticipated exit is a function of both demographics (40% of dentists in Minnesota are age 55 or older and approaching retirement) and a response to high-stress workplace dynamics exacerbated by the pandemic.

Flexible Staffing Concept

As a response to the dental workforce shortage, CAD providers are offering dental workers the opportunity to work for them on a very part-time basis, allowing the workers to define the days and times that they would like to work – and specify the types of cases and procedures they want to take part in.

How to apply

To indicate your interest in joining our Flexible Staff at Apple Tree Dental, you can apply through our regular Career portal.

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Current Program Locations

Fergus Falls Center for Dental Health - Fergus Falls, MN

The Fergus Falls Center was initially located within the West Ridge Mall in town, and in 2021 was moved to a beautiful custom built Center.  The north side of the building features twelve large Apple Tree Dental treatment rooms and a large waiting area with a fireplace and natural lighting.  The southernmost hallway is dedicated to the Department of Human Services, with four specialty operatories.  The building also features a sedation suite and recovery room.

The city of Fergus Falls has a population of 14,119 (2020 census) and has a robust Chamber of Commerce.  It is located in the Lakes Region, which boasts a huge variety of outdoor recreational activities during any season.  Fergus Falls also has a large number of businesses, including restaurants, big box stores, healthcare, and more.  It is also the location of Otter Tail County Public Health headquarters.


Hawley Center for Dental Health - Hawley, MN

Apple Tree’s second-oldest Center for Dental Health, the Hawley Center was formed in 1997 and has been serving west central Minnesota ever since.  The Hawley Center is scheduled for a remodel that will further modernize this clinic.

Hawley, Minnesota is a quintessential small midwest town with a population of 2,219 (2020 census).  The town is home to the local newspaper, the Hawley Herald, as well as a host of other businesses, including healthcare organizations, rental properties, restaurants, grocers, construction, daycare, hardware stores, and more.  It is also located in a beautiful region with quick access to popular towns such as Detroit Lakes, MN, and Fargo, ND.

Fergus Falls Building

The Fergus Falls Center for Dental Health, located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Hawley Center entrance

The Hawley Center for Dental Health, located in Hawley, Minnesota.

Benefits overview

Earn extra money and benefits

Whether you are a student looking to get your foot in the door, a full-time employed clinician wanting to help diverse patients, or a retired dentist eager to keep your license active, you can earn a competitive hourly wage that can make all the difference in your budget.  And, no matter how few hours you work, you will have access to Kavira Health, a low-to-no-cost healthcare service that can help you get the medical advice and care you need, when you need it. 

Access Continuing Education opportunities

If you have a license, you need Continuing Education.  Apple Tree Dental has an impressive library of pre-recorded CE that you can watch to earn credits.  Refresh your required training – and search through a collection of other topics geared towards your interests.

Work with incredible teammates

Apple Tree employs talented, passionate clinicians with the drive to help patients.  When you come on board, you can learn from skilled mentors and share ideas with like-minded individuals.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The technologies that are available at some of Apple Tree’s Centers:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Teledentistry
  • WaveOne® rotary endodontic system, and GuttaCore warm obturators 
  • Elements™ IC Obturation System (Kavo Kerr)
  • SonicFill™ bulk fill composite resin system
  • CariVu™ caries detection device (DEXIS)
  • Zimmer Biomet implant system
  • Alginate-only impression technique for removable prosthodontic cases (residents become proficient in complete denture fabrication).
  • EHR called “Open Dental” – an open source dental record system
  • Patient Safe Handling Equipment:
    • DentalEz dental chair with air-glide base for easy maneuvering & ergonomics
    • Liko Lift (Adaptive Specialties) and GoLift Patient Lift (Amico) Overhead Lift Systems – to facilitate safe transfers of wheelchair dependent patients to/from a dental chair

Apply Now or Learn more

Ready to get started?  Apply now for a position that fits your needs!

Have some questions?  Contact Apple Tree Dental at hr@appletreedental.org or 763-600-6843.