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What We Provide

All of Apple Tree Dental’s offices accept and treat child patients, but some children may require the expertise of a Pediatric Dentist specialist.

Apple Tree Dental’s Pediatrics Specialty Team at the Mounds View Center provides specialized care for children, including those with dental anxiety, severe dental decay or disease, or other special healthcare needs!

These pediatric specialty services include conscious sedation and general anesthesia in our office and at a hospital for children who require it.

What is Different About a Pediatric Specialist?

In addition to four years of college and four years of dental school, our Pediatric Dentists completed a two-year specialty residency in pediatrics.

Following residency, they voluntarily underwent rigorous examination to become Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

Our specialists are experts in child development and behavior, and diagnosing and treating dental conditions that show up in kids.

Going to the dentist can be challenging or overwhelming for children.  Our specialists are experts in working with all children (infants through teens).  They are patient, gentle, and understanding.

When your child sees our Pediatrics Specialty Team, you can trust that our providers are trained and equipped to treat children with dental anxiety, special healthcare needs, or severe dental disease.  It’s what we do!

Services for Children

  • Exams
  • X-rays
  • Cleanings and Gum Care
  •  Sealants
  • Fluoride Varnish
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)
  • SMART Restorations
  • Hall Technique Crowns
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Pulp Therapy/Root Canals
  • Extractions
  • Space maintenance and limited orthodontic treatments
  • Referrals to other dental specialists when needed

How to prepare for your child’s treatment >>

Parents and caregivers are often anxious about how their child might behave at the dentist.  Our goal is to help increase their comfort and confidence.  For children with severe anxiety or behavior concerns, our goal is to help them learn coping skills that will prepare them for a future of successful dental visits.

At your visit, we encourage caregivers to “follow the lead” of the pediatric dental team and allow space for the team members and your child to build a trusting relationship.  Based on your child’s unique feelings and abilities, we will tailor our approach and behavior guidance techniques to make their visit as successful as possible.

Some children benefit from nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) as a safe and easy way to reduce anxiety and help them feel calm and relaxed.  Please ask your dentist if they recommend nitrous oxide for your child.

One of our primary goals is to help children (and parents) understand their oral health, and the things they can do to improve their oral health and prevent problems.

We ask many questions to better understand the unique factors impacting your child’s oral health.  We work with you to identify what each of us can do to improve your child’s oral health.

We are happy to answer any questions you or your child have about your child’s oral health or services we provide!

We help provide information and answer questions regarding many patient/parent concerns, including: dental decay, dental pain, dental trauma, oral habits, teeth crowding, growth concerns, and much more.

For educational resources and information regarding common dental concerns, click here.

For some families, coming to dental visits in-person can be very challenging for a number of reasons.  Thankfully, some dental questions or issues can be addressed virtually via a phone or video call.  Apple Tree Dental and our Pediatric Team are leaders in providing virtual “teledentistry” consultations to help patients and families have their concerns addressed in a more timely manner.  Your Pediatric Team providers might recommend a teledentistry visit prior to your child’s in-person visit, so they can gather more information, answer your questions, and more efficiently schedule your child’s treatment.  This will help your child’s pediatric provider be better prepared, and help your child’s next visit run more smoothly.

Specialty Services

Some children are not able to tolerate typical dental treatment, and some benefit from conscious sedation to have their dental treatment completed.  Under this type of sedation, the child is still awake for treatment.  They are usually more calm and relaxed, and the medication can help them forget the experience.  Your child’s Pediatric Dentist will discuss the details regarding sedation and whether it is an appropriate option for your child.  Please ask them questions if you think sedation should be considered for your child.

Some children are not able to tolerate typical dental treatment, even with conscious sedation.  General anesthesia may be considered for children with very severe dental concerns at a young age, or special healthcare needs.  Depending on a child’s health and unique factors, general anesthesia might be completed at a hospital or at our Mounds View clinic in our state-of-the-art sedation suite with a certified anesthesia provider.  Your child’s Pediatric Dentist will discuss the details regarding general anesthesia and whether it is an appropriate option for your child.  Please ask them questions if you think general anesthesia or hospital dentistryshould be considered for your child.

Scheduling an Appointment and Preparing for Your visit

Give us a call to schedule your first or next appointment!

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kindergarten children

New and referred Patients

All new and referred patients must complete the New Patient Paperwork and health history before scheduling their first visit with our pediatric specialty care team.  Your child cannot be scheduled until all the necessary paperwork is complete.  Please contact our Pediatric Specialty Care Coordinator for help with completing the necessary paperwork and the scheduling process.  (See the Contact Us section.)

If you were referred by a different dental office, we will need the referral and any x-rays of your child’s teeth from the previous dental office.

We ask that a parent or legal guardian accompany the child for their first dental visit.  This also helps the parent or legal guardian understand any dental issues and recommended treatment.  A parent or legal guardian’s written consent for treatment is required before starting any treatment.  We cannot start dental treatment if the child is accompanied by someone other than the parent or legal guardian.

The first visit typically includes a comprehensive exam, x-rays if they are needed, an evaluation of your child’s behavior and ability to tolerate treatment if necessary, and a discussion with the dentist about any dental concerns.  We typically do NOT start treatment at the first visit unless the treatment is emergent and time allows.

If you or your child would benefit from any type of language interpreter services, we are happy to work with you to coordinate those services.

Because there are so many kids who need specialty dental services, we have to be strict about appointment attendance.  The parent or guardian of a pediatric patient must confirm by noon the day before the appointment.  Patients receive a text message that they can respond to in order to confirm the appointment.  Unconfirmed appointments will be cancelled so that another patient can use the opening in the schedule.  Please call 763-416-5400 if you need further clarification on the attendance policy or restricted scheduling.

Existing/Returning Patients

If you child has been seen by our Pediatric Specialty Care Team in the past and needs to have an appointment scheduled, please contact our Pediatric Specialty Care Coordinator.

New / Referred Patients

If you have never seen our Pediatric Specialty Team before!

Existing Patients

If you are continuing care with our Pediatric Specialty Team!

Contact us

Mounds View Center: 763-316-5400

Pediatric Specialty Care Coordinator: 763-316-5415

Fax Number: 763-780-9005

Email X-Rays:

Preparing for Your Visit

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Please make sure that…

Because there are so many kids who need specialty dental services, we have to be strict about appointment attendance.  If you are unable to make your child’s appointment, please call to let us know a minimum of __ hours in advance.  A no-call/no-show situation will result in your child being put on restricted scheduling.

Health History Form

Please complete this form online before your child's visit.

Guardian Form

Use this form if you know that someone other than the child's official guardian will be bringing them to the visit.

General Anesthesia Forms

Please complete this form series if your child is scheduled for a general anesthesia procedure.

Meet our Team

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Dr Nathaniel Cook Director of Pediatrics
Dr. Nathaniel Cook, Director of Pediatrics
Dr Quentin Knutson Pediatric Dentist
Dr. Quentin Knutson, Pediatric Dentist
Heather Luebben ADT
Heather Luebben, Advanced Dental Therapist
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Pediatrics Team

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What Makes our Pediatric Specialty Care Team at Apple Tree Dental Unique?

Our team of pediatric care providers are passionate about providing the best, safest, and most compassionate care for children.

We use a team-based approach for your child’s care, which helps us:

  • prepare for your visit and better understand the unique needs of your child
  • schedule you as soon as possible with the appropriate team member

In addition to two Pediatric Dentists, our Pediatric Team includes an Advanced Dental Therapist, a Licensed Dental Hygienist, and multiple Licensed Dental Assistants.  These team members have pursued continuing education and extra training, and have extensive experience working with children and their families.


Educational Resources

The American Dental Association has a glossary of dental terminology, including dental conditions and diseases, through their MouthHealthy website.

Learn about how to care for your child’s teeth when they are a baby or kid.

Learn how to help your teenager take care of their teeth.

Resources for Referring Providers

Contact our pediatric specialty coordinator Stephanie at at 763-316-5415 with any questions.  

Referral forms should be emailed to along with any patient radiographs.


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