Pediatric Dentistry


While Apple Tree has served young patients for years, in 2018 we hired a Pediatric Specialist dentist, Dr. Nathaniel Cook, who provides services at our Mounds View Center. In early 2021, Dr. Cook became Apple Tree’s Director of Pediatrics. With the help of a great team, Dr. Cook has worked with children as young as a few months old. He also performed Apple Tree’s first pediatric general anesthesia (GA) cases on May 3, 2019. General anesthesia may be called for when a child’s dental decay is very severe and the child is not able to cooperate for a long procedure.

While baby teeth may not be permanent, they provide an important foundation for a child’s speech, confidence, and healthy adult teeth.

To learn more about pediatric care at Apple Tree Dental, or to schedule your child’s appointment, please call our Mounds View Center at 763-316-5400.

Dr. Nathaniel Cook