OHA's "Silver Diamine Fluoride: Science, Practice, and Potential" Webinar

September 10, 2018

On August 30, 2018, Dr. Michael Helgeson and Dr. Ryan Quock presented an Oral Health America webinar on how Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), recently FDA approved, can arrest carious lesions without the need for anesthesia or excavation. Attendees gained an understanding of how SDF can stabilize a tooth as part of a continuum of care to restore form and function with a variety of dental restorative materials.  While the webinar is no longer available, due to Oral Health America ceasing operations, the downloadable materials below are still accessible.

SDF offers a disease management and minimally invasive approach of value for patients whose dental treatment options are limited by co-morbidities, ability to tolerate invasive procedures, financial circumstances, or other access to care barriers. Dr. Quock’s scholarly interests include the practical aspects of caries management including fluoride therapies and the conservative surgical treatment of dental caries. Apple Tree Dental has implemented the use of SDF in its outpatient clinics and, with funding from the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation, in long-term care facilities.

This presentation provided an overview of the science, current research, and describe Apple Tree’s practical experiences in the use of SDF with children, older adults, people with special needs and other patients.

Download materials by clicking on the following links:

SDF Talking Points for Office Support and Billing Staff PDF



Patient Education SDF-SILVER DIAMINE FLUORIDE all ages - 2017

SDF Introduction for R-Party

Note: This article was revised on April 8th, 2019, to reflect that Oral Health America is no longer active.  The link to the YouTube video (which no longer exists) was also removed at that time.

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