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Election Day 2022 in Minnesota – November 8!


Make a Plan to Be a Voter!

Election Day is not just Another Day. It is an Important Day. Make a plan to be a voter!  

First option: In person early voting. Avoid Election Day lines, the need to get up 20 minutes early, or dealing with an Election Day emergency that would prevent you from getting to the polls by casting your ballot today or any day prior to November 8th. Find a convenient early voting location – there are hundreds of them. Get the task done now! 

Or, schedule it, including your early voting location, for another day. 

Second option: Make a Plan for Election Day. You are busy, there is a lot to do before and after work. Better schedule this voting task in your calendar right now – with a couple of reminder alarms! Find your polling location and add it to your calendar. Now, take a look at your ballot and start thinking about all the choices you will make. Print a copy, mark your choices and bring it with you. 

This is an important election. Don’t stay home just because you aren’t voting for President. Minnesotans will vote for governor, eight United States House representatives, all state representatives, all state senators, secretary of state, attorney general, state auditor, and judicial seats. Plus, many Minnesotans will also vote for local officials and local ballot questions. There is plenty at stake. Our turnout in the 2022 Primary Election was strong. Let’s make sure turnout in the 2022 General Election is even stronger.  

Don’t drop-off. Be a Voter! If you have other voting-related questions, visit 

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