Apple Tree Dental Celebrates 34 Years of Dental Care


For more than a third of a century, Apple Tree Dental, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit critical access dental provider, has been working hard to accomplish our mission to bring quality dental care to as many people as possible.  Although we started with just a small elder care mobile program that brought services directly to nursing home residents, Apple Tree has now expanded to seven Centers for Dental Health throughout the state.  Our statistics speak to the effort of the staff and providers on the Apple Tree team: in 2018, Apple Tree provided over 96,000 visits and screenings, and has provided over 1.3 million visits and screenings since our incorporation on July 3rd, 1985.

Thank you to Drs. Michael Helgeson, Barbara Smith, George Goldhammer, and Michael Gavino (pictured, left to right) for their work in founding Apple Tree Dental, and thank you to our whole team for striving to provide access, compassion, and excellence.

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