10,000 3M Oral Health Care Fluoride Varnish Treatments Donated to Philippine Mission Trip


In late 2017, Apple Tree Dental was honored to receive an extremely large donation of fluoride varnish treatments from 3M’s Oral Health Care division. So large in fact, that there was no way that our Centers alone could possibly use all of the treatments within the product expiration date. Therefore, Apple Tree’s Dr. Ali Mohebbi reached out to a group called Negrenses del Oriental de Minnesota. They were helping to plan a Foundation for Philippine Medical Mission trip in February to provide both medical and dental care to school-aged children in Bais City, Negro Oriental, Philippines, who do not have access to dental care. Dr. Mohebbi knew these volunteers would be able to use the extra fluoride donations!

Negrenses Medical Mission Team Chairman, Reza Foroozan, reported that “Hundreds of school children were benefited by this donation. We went to five schools and applied fluoride to almost 6,000 kids in the rural area. We gave the remainder to several other schools within the poorer areas of the city. Through this mission, we served a total of 11,000 patients, preforming over 200 surgeries, and 500 minor surgeries, plus the fluoride varnishing treatments. Thanks again!”

View photos of the mission trip at: https://www.facebook.com/FPMMorg/posts/969771573200432

Negrenses del Oriental de Minnesota is an active group of Minnesotans who are originally from the province of Negros Oriental located in the region of Central Visayas, in the Philippines.Their organization’s logo depicts a new beginning, “From the twin peaks of Mt. Talinis to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.”

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